Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Future of Global Economy by Brasstacks - Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Understanding the economic prowess and vulnerabilities of the enemy is equally critical as measuring his military strength. While we are having a standoff with US and NATO over multiple national security issues, it is absolutely critical for Pakistan to understand the economic disease which now afflicts the western military alliance threatening us.

US and NATO do not have the economic muscle left to wage another high intensity war against a nuclear armed Islamic nation and the factors to support this analysis are enclosed in this critical analysis by BrassTacks. Knowing the hidden and bitter truth about the critical economic health of the western military alliance gives us a strong edge over the adversary in military and diplomatic negotiations and engagements.

The ill health of western military alliance does not mean that the threats from Us and NATO have diminished. The presently deployed 4GW is raging against Pak Sarzameen with full ferocity with the objective of turning the state into a failed dysfunctional entity like Somalia. Once that critical threshold is achieved, the next phase would be to make an “Iraq” of Pakistan, through Af-Pak and Cold Start invasions and occupations. Last phase would be the “Yugoslavia” model for Pakistan -- dismemberment and balkanization. We must roll back the presently deployed 4GW and recover from the “failed state” environment. Blocking the NATO supplies have fatally damaged the planned Af-Pak invasions also and have imposed serious caution on the Indians as well, as Cold start was to be deployed in tandem with the Af-Pak invasion.

4thGW cannot be defeated without bringing in patriotic government in Islamabad. That is the first and most urgent prerequisite to build a solid response, else all other measures would collapse in the absence of a patriotic government. US and NATO know their inability to use force against Pakistan without making a “Somalia” or without the Indian help. If we can reverse the 4thGW and kill the Af-Pak, Cold start would automatically be mortally wounded.

For now, US can only use bluff, bribe, threat and psy-ops to try to get their supplies released and re-launch the Af-Pak. Their economy at home has crashed, making it impossible for them to threaten us militarily at this stage. This is their biggest vulnerability and our strength. Know it well and stand firm.

InshAllah khair for Pak Sarzameen.