Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guidelines to find an appropriate Quran Teacher when learning Online

To learn Holy Quran, It takes a few and quite simple steps. You just have to find a quran academy to start taking classes or to provide lessons to you kids. Today i am discussing some of the basic guidelines to select a suitable online tutor for your kid while learning from an online academy. When you start a free trial from an academy, you should tell your requirement that whether you need a male tutor or a female tutor.(Some of well known academies provide female Quran teachers). You should consider all of the following things to get maximum benefit from the teacher.

Advantage from free trial lessons
Take full advantage of free trial lessons. See how comfortable is your kid with the tutor. If you see any problem. Request them to provide some other tutor or you can try any other academy too. But don't compromise because there are number of quran teacher available online who are waiting for you.

Examine the Classes regularly
You should regularly check that how much your kid has learned and should sit beside your kid to see that how is the tutor teaching. Whether the kid is taking interest in the class or not. You should strictly ask your kids to take the quran lessons because once they will successfully do it, it will a source of happiness for you.

Affordable place
This is one of the most important factor. Academies require money to run the setup so they charge you for the services but you can do a research on internet to find a suitable academy which should be acceptable by your budget. You can find a review in my older posts where i have discussed the fee of different well known academies.

All of these factors should be considered so that your kid can learn quickly and effectively from the tutor. It will help him/her take the classes comfortably and easily.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Life Of Muslims After The Death Of The Prophet

When the Prophet (PBUH) died, Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) said to the Muslims,

“You will die and they will die, and Muhammad is but a Messenger; of a surety, all Messengers before him have passed away. If then, he die or be slain, will you turn back on your heels? Whosoever worships Muhammad (SAW), let him then know that Muhammad indeed is dead; but whoso worshipped Allah (SWT), let him know that Allah lives and does not die.”

After the death of the Prophet (PBUH), the Muslims wondered if it would be possible for the Islamic community to carry on the torch of Islam without the leadership and guidance of the Prophet (PBUH).

Therefore, after the departure of the Prophet (PBUH) from this world, Umar and Abu Bakr became the torch bearers of Islam and they helped people strengthen their belief in Allah. These were the people who finally laid the foundations of the Islamic empire.

Abu Bakr became the first caliph of Islam. He faced many problems during his leadership as war broke out between several tribes. The first caliph mostly focused on restoring peace and suppressing the wars and rebellions.

After the death of Abu Bakr, Umar became the second caliph of Islam. Umar was a strong leader in that he had both military and political capabilities. He created a political structure for the growing Islamic empire and followed the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH) in being tolerant.

Both these caliphs strengthened the hold of Islam because they lived a Quran based life. If you will learn holy quran live life according to it, you will be able to encourage other non-believers to embrace Islam

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Importance of Namaz in the Light of Holy Quran and Hadith

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran: "I haven't created the jinn and humankind for any added determine object that they should worship Me." (Holy Quran Chapter 51: Verse: 56)

It is unobstructed from the above Quran verse that the utility of our birthing and of our period is no remaining than that of the worship of ALLAH (SWT). There are some acts of ibaadat in Islam, and Salah is one of the most consequential indispensable book.

Salah (Salat, Namaz) is the lavation asking practiced by Muslims in entreaty to Allah (SWT). The constituent is commonly utilised to touch to the fivesome regular prayers, which are obligatory upon all Muslims. Salah (Salaah, Namaz) is considered the most key act of worship (Ibadah, Ibadat) in Faith and its importance is such that low very few circumstances it can be omitted.

Salah (Salaah, Namaz) strengthens the foundations of our faith. It prepares a human to live the beingness of goodness and compliance to ALLAH (SWT), and it builds courageousness and find. Every reading we action Salah, we rejuvenate our commitments to ALLAH (SWT) and we rid ourselves from economic pressures fivesome present a day.

According to a Tradition,a accompany of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) came to him one day and asked him "What is the thing that ALLAH (SWT) loves most?" Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) replied "The thing that ALLAH (SWT) loves most is when his people pray Salah in time."

Salah (Salaah, Namaz ) is a applicatory communicate of compliance to the commands of Allah (SWT). Its grandness has been emphasised roughly 500 times in the Holy Quran.

One day Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) shook a dry limb of a tree so that all of the leaves of the furcate lapse off than the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said "The sins of those who pray Salah, drop off as the leaves of this branch fell off."

Before Salah, we should wuzu (ablution). Wuzu (Ablution) is a unparalleled way of antiseptic predestined parts of our body so we are pristine before submissive imbibe to the one who created us, who created the aggregation the one and exclusive Allah.

The Holy Prophet(pbuh) once asked his companions "Tell me if there was a river at the door step of one of you in which you washed five times a day would any of your dirt remain?" All of companions said no, then Holy Prophet (PBUH) said "That is like the five times Salah, with which ALLAH (SWT) wipes out sin.

On hija tul wida, Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) emphasized at Salah. He also said that on the judgment day, namaz will be the first thing about which we will be asked..

Do you want to Learn Namaz online now? Click the link

Spell in Salah one communicates with God (SWT) and experiences his proximity. That's why Holy Prophet said: Salah is the Meraj of a Momin (Namaz is called as Meraj-ul-Momineen).

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) also said "The key to Heaven is Salah. The key to Salah is Purification."

"Namaz is a pillar of Religion. If Namaz is accepted all other deeds are accepted. If Namaz is rejected then all other Deeds are rejected" Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Provide Quran teacher to your kids

Well , We know that Learning Holy Quran is really an important and a holy task. But our kids don't know. It is our duty to provide quran education to them. If we will provide quran education to them they would surely be able to understand the importance of Quran and Islam else they will tend towards the western culture and will forget the teachings of Islam. and you know who will be responsible for all this? Surely the parents. Now we have time , our kids are in our control. Before they take a flight towards the new fashion, you should introduce islam to them , try to create interest of islam in your kids. Hire a quran teacher and provide quran lessons to them. and then they would surely be helpful for the society.

Finding a quran teacher is difficult?

Now a days , finding a quran tutor isn't difficult at all , you don't have to go to the nearby mosques to find a teacher , you don't have to spend a lot of time in finding a quran teacher in your area. you just have to sign-up for online quran learning and they will contact you to arrange a free trial session for you. and you can see that how this teaching works. it only takes couple of minutes to go for it. You can find online quran teacher here.

A research shows that kids prefer anything related to technology much more than the other alternative. This online quran teaching is proved this statement true. Thousands of Muslims are providing quran courses to their kids through online channels. Before it gets late , please register your kid in a quran institute to get reward from Almighty Allah. You would surely be proud of your action in the judgment day. May Allah bless us all, Jazakallah

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learn Tajweed Online | Learn Arabic Alphabets easily

Assalam o alaekum brothers and sisters,
Here is a flash movie through which you can learn the arabic alphabets very easily. Just Click the alphabet to listen the sound along with the transliteration of the Arabic alphabet..

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