Saturday, July 23, 2011

Provide Quran teacher to your kids

Well , We know that Learning Holy Quran is really an important and a holy task. But our kids don't know. It is our duty to provide quran education to them. If we will provide quran education to them they would surely be able to understand the importance of Quran and Islam else they will tend towards the western culture and will forget the teachings of Islam. and you know who will be responsible for all this? Surely the parents. Now we have time , our kids are in our control. Before they take a flight towards the new fashion, you should introduce islam to them , try to create interest of islam in your kids. Hire a quran teacher and provide quran lessons to them. and then they would surely be helpful for the society.

Finding a quran teacher is difficult?

Now a days , finding a quran tutor isn't difficult at all , you don't have to go to the nearby mosques to find a teacher , you don't have to spend a lot of time in finding a quran teacher in your area. you just have to sign-up for online quran learning and they will contact you to arrange a free trial session for you. and you can see that how this teaching works. it only takes couple of minutes to go for it. You can find online quran teacher here.

A research shows that kids prefer anything related to technology much more than the other alternative. This online quran teaching is proved this statement true. Thousands of Muslims are providing quran courses to their kids through online channels. Before it gets late , please register your kid in a quran institute to get reward from Almighty Allah. You would surely be proud of your action in the judgment day. May Allah bless us all, Jazakallah


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