Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learn Quran Easily Online

How can we miss the main objective of our life? Why can't we provide holy quran lessons to our kids if we can provide them regular school classes? , This was the question my friend asked me last night while we were discussing islam. Learning quran was not an important task for me because i had a point of view that the creator will forive us but the way my friend convinced me to provide quran learning classes ot my kids was awesome. I, at the spot decided that i will inshallah admit myself to a quran institute and will also admit my kids. The most beneficial thing he discusses that now you can learn quran at doorstep. Online one to one lessons are given to the students through internet. That was the most exciting thing for me because it was an easier way to go for it.

I searched quran institute in the google and found out one. I am taking lessons from the institute. I can explain how effective is this. I am learning so fast, Thanks for the entire team of equraninstitute for the great idea.

At-last i will recommend everyone to provide quran education to their kids to make them proud on the judgement day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beauty of Reading Holy Quran and its importance

Reading Holy quran with correct tajweed is a great sawab. You should provide holy quran education to your kids to make them able to learn holy quran and read it correctly