Friday, March 18, 2011

Importance of Quran teachers

Holy Quran is the last message of Almighty Allah and according to holy prophet "the best amongst you is the one who learn quran and teaches it". The importance of teaching can be realized from the above hadith. Quran teachers have a higher rank in this society according to the Islam.

To start spreading the teachings of holy quran , first we should learn holy quran. Learning to recite holy quran and learning tajweed, both are two important tasks which a good quran teacher should know. If you wanna learn quran reading from a qualified quran tutor then its never had been so easy but online quran learning academies have made it easy for the people to learn quran from any corner of the world.

Now you can gift your kid a beautiful recitation accent by registering him/her to an online quran academy. You can find review of online quran learning institutes on my blog which would help you to find the most suitable teaching institute for you and your kids.



  1. The Quran is the Speech of Allah in the Arabic language and is, therefore, a book of tremendous knowledge. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon
    him, for the guidance of mankind. Learning to read Quran and regular Quran Recitation is obligatory for every Muslim for our own benefit. Our experienced Online Quran Tutors will help you learn to read the Quran with the proper tajweed (pronunciation) in a short time. Please its for you

  2. OnlineQuranLessons Quran is the ultimate guidance towards right path so everyone should study Quran especially Muslims at it is a duty for them