Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran academies have brought revolution in our lives. It was difficult for us to find an appropriate tutor near our home and the toughest task was the the consistency to take them to the institute and bringing them back daily. Then as soon as some horrible incidents took place (such as 9/11). It became a difficult task to find quran tutor for your kids , quran academies were closed by the US. 4-5 years passed. Some of the muslims were passing the days while others had migrated to their origins. Then online quran academies were introduced. This idea was warmly welcomed by the Residents of US and other countries due to lack of availability of Quran teachers because it was the most convenient method of online quran teaching. Students were supposed to sit on their PCs at their home and online quran tutors were assigned to them for regular classes. Almost every muslim was happy from the most efficient and effective way of Quran teaching.

Today , most of the muslim citizens have admitted their kids in quran academies for online quran learning while most of the kids have learned to recite holy quran well with correct pronunciation and tajweed.

Following are the requirements of Online Quran teaching
i) PC
ii) Internet Connection

and then you are ready to go for online quran classes. Their are number of quran schools online. Each offers quran learning at different charges.

After reviewing different services following are some of the most affordable Quran Academies according to their ranking...
i)eQuran Institute
ii) Home Quran
iii) Quran Reading

(* Fee had been the main problem and the above ranking is basically according to fee to let you find the most affordable Online Quran institute for your kid)

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  1. Then as soon as some horrible incidents took place (such as 9/11). It became a difficult task to find quran tutor for your kids.
    Online Learning Quran

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